Step 1 – Repair Estimate

Prior to initiating any tasks, one of our Estimators, who holds an I-Car Certification, will carry out a thorough assessment of the damage. Once the examination is complete, they will elucidate the specific areas that necessitate repairs, provide an estimation of the associated costs, and furnish you with the anticipated delivery date. It is imperative that you have already been in touch with your insurance provider to initiate the process of filing a claim.

Step 2 – Body Repair Process

Subsequently, the dismantling of impaired components commences. This phase involves the installation of new parts and the restoration of damaged elements. The realm of bodywork encompasses activities such as addressing dents, restoring surfaces, and aligning body panels. In instances where applicable, we provide specialized services through proficient vendors for tasks like wheel alignment, glass reparation, and the removal of dents without the need for repainting.

Step 3 – The Paint

Following the conclusion of the body repair phase, the automobile is transported to our paint facility to undergo preparations for painting. Initially, the initial layers of paint are stripped away, after which the repaired region is meticulously cleansed, sanded, and prepared with a primer. Subsequently, it is introduced into our enclosed spray booth, within which a seasoned painter applies top-tier paint for the utmost quality finish. In the subsequent step, your vehicle receives an application of a robust clear coat, ensuring the safeguarding and revival of its original factory-like luster.

Step 4 – Detailing + Quality Assurance

Concluding the sequence, the ultimate step involves meticulous detailing. The exterior undergoes a thorough buffing and polishing regimen, aimed at eliminating any residual dirt or imperfections present on the clear coat. To ensure a comprehensive and top-notch finish, all panels adjoining the repaired region are either blended or polished as necessary. Following this, an exterior hand wash and a meticulous wheel wash are performed. As for interior detailing, it encompasses vacuuming, meticulous removal of dust and lint, and a comprehensive window cleaning process.