Just Listed: 1979 Dodge Ram Star Wars Tribute Van

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Automotive | 0 comments

If you are a big “Star Wars” fan, but don’t have enough Imperial credits to purchase a “Rogue One” Limited Edition Nissan, here’s a one-of-a-kind deal for you in the form of a 1979 Dodge Ram van.

“This van is perfect for someone either looking to completely restore it inside and out or a fun and relatively cheap vehicle for a high school/college kid,” the Texas-based seller says on craigslist.

The “out of this world” ride is being offered for $6,000, so we won’t exactly say it’s cheap, but it is a heavy roller that will attract lots of attention.

It sports a zooming X-wing fighter, Darth Vader, and the Death Star graphics on the side and around back. There are even movie quotes by Han Solo like “Travelin’ through hyperspace ain’t like dustin’ crops” on one side of the van.

Also, Luke Skywalker dialogue is featured above the chrome bumper that reads: ” I used to bulls-eye womp rats in my T-16.”

The current owner was planning on restoring the 38-year old Dodge fully, but just didn’t get around to it. They’re loss is your gain.

“Some of the graphics are peeling and there are some rust spots in places but nothing major. There is also small leakage in the top vent,” says the seller about the aging van’s exterior.

The seller says the Rebel red interior needs cleaning and that the refrigerator and A/C no longer work, but overall it’s still in good condition.

There’s 90,000 miles on the clock, but it has a new carburetor and battery, and a completely rebuilt engine with approximately 2,500 miles on it. So technically, you could say the Force is still strong with this one.

The current owner says the van still runs like a champ, the title is clean, and the price is firm. No low ballers or Jedi mind tricks.